CCM Ribcor Trigger 7 Pro

185,00 €

199,00 €


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"CCM’s Ribcor line of hockey sticks offers players of all skill levels and budgets the chance to bring quick release to their overall performance on the ice. Hockey players seeking faster release of the puck and augmented ease of loading are certain to find it in the Ribcor hockey sticks and their carefully calibrated technology. The hockey stick’s low kick point is achieved by a gradual decrease in stiffness from the top to the bottom of the shaft, which makes it easier to load the stick with energy and release the puck quickly. The E-geometry design and regular thin blade of the Ribcor hockey sticks make it easy to adapt your game to rapid release, a concept that has been fine-tuned by the extensive research and development process of CCM. Available in a variety of models and sizes adapted to male, female, and youth players of all budgets, the Ribcor hockey stick is the best way to harness the efficiency of quick release for game-winning performances time and time again" (CCM, 2023).

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